About Us

In a city full of restaurants, how does one, in particular, stay in business for 40 years?
The Atmosphere
A dining atmosphere that is inviting, relaxing, friendly and comfortable.

Quality & Consistency

Consistently tasty, top quality, wholesome comfort food. From mouth-watering prime rib burgers to our hugely popular sandwiches and wraps. This is where your tastebuds want to be!

The Staff
Exceptional staff who are friendly, efficient, knowledgeable and always offer top notch service. And a bonus? They are wonderful people you just want to know!

And we do all of that at a fair price so every customer goes home feeling full and satisfied – until the next time they are craving their Copper Penny favourites and show up to do it all over again!
Authentic Tradition

Let’s satisfy those taste buds!

That’s been our recipe for success. It’s what you got when you visited us in 1981, and it’s still what you can expect today.

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